DreamTown follows three impassioned Afro-Ecuadorian players as they pursue their dreams to make it professionally by learning to play barefoot in the dirt fields of their village to the heights of international soccer stardom. These players are not only hungry and passionate about the beautiful game but make great sacrifices along the way in hopes to save their families and uplift their community! DONATE HERE
DreamTown has 8 days left to raise the funds that will bring this 6-year underdog true-life story to the world. It’s about bringing the underdog to the forefront and showing how when people believe in themselves they can reach their goals. Anyone that has ever been discounted knows what it’s like. Director Betty is an award winning filmmaker and this film has earned the NALAC, HBO/NALIP Documentary Award given to Latino Filmmakers who present issues of social change with uncompromising honesty and quality. Check out more information on the film and this innovative way to raise funds called Kickstarter: http://tinyurl.com/dreamtownfinalcut 
We’re raising $35,000 to bring DreamTown to a final cut. We hope you’ll consider making a pledge! Whether it’s $5, $25, $100, $1000 or more, your contribution demonstrates to the world enthusiastic support for this project, in our case for the love & power of the game!  
Kickstarter operates on one main principle: lots of donations – big or small – from many people equal a big win! So we need to keep up the MOMENTUM!
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